Hi there

Hi there. I'm intrigued with the concept, so I joined.

I'm 39 years old and have chronic major depression, fibromyalgia, and a mess of other icky diagnoses. I just experienced a nasty, unexpected "divorce" from my domestic partner, and I and the rest of my family (marvelous daughter and incredible life partner) are still recovering. Anything that brings us more luck is worth trying.

I created a new journal, luckycyn, and will post my daily entries there. I'll probably join from both journals, but I normally use this one. I do hope that's acceptable.

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gina g

Almost a month in

And there are more lucky things happening every day. Maybe it is the way you look at it, because you start looking for lucky things where as before you just don't take any notice.

Too many lucky things are going on! Especially lately.

Its all good so far.
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gina g

A New Beginning

OK, I've begun the journey. How do I feel? Not much different, although I do find it hard to think of lucky things LOL! Maybe that's why I'm not that lucky yet. We'll have to wait and see.

Do I really think this will be a life changing experiment? I'm unsure to be honest, although I'm willing to give anything a try once.

The community looks good - which is great. Since I can't talk about anything in my luck diary, other than the daily post ... its nice to have somewhere to go to talk about how I feel as I go along.
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